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Knit Sweater | Birch Marle

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This Knit Sweater will be your go-to for cold weather comfort and style!

Please follow our care label, wash on cold and do not tumble dry. Delicate wash in a laundry bag.


Length: 0/3 25.5cm, 3/6m 28.5cm, 6/12m 31.5cm, 1yr 35.5cm, 2yr 37.5cm, 3yr 39.5cm,

Chest: 0/3 23cm, 3/6m 24cm, 6/12m 25cm, 1yr 27cm, 2yr 28cm, 3yr 31cm

Sleeve Length: 0/3 33cm, 3/6m 36cm, 6/12m 39cm, 1yr 44cm, 2yr 46cm, 3yr 48cm

Please note we have a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5cm for all of our garment measurements.