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Jesus Bracelets | Serene (5 pack)

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Sharing Jesus, one Cutie Bracelet at a time. These bracelets are perfect for Mom's and kids!

We all know babies love to fiddle and chew on our jewelry so why not ensure they are chewing on something safe?! Enter the Cute Bracelets.

And for your kiddos -- these bracelets are the perfect light-weight bracelet they can wear at school, in water and anywhere else your little one ventures off to. And the best part? They are reminded of Jesus' love for them the entire time and can share that love with friends around them.

Available in a 5 pack. Wear altogether or share with sisters, friends or other Mama's!

Serene Colors: Ivory, Tan, Taupe, Grey, White

Color Meanings: 
White | Jesus is PERFECT - He never sinned. 
Brown | Jesus FORGIVES - He died on the cross for our sins. 
Pink | Jesus LOVES - You can ask Him into your heart. 
Blue | Jesus is your FRIEND - You can talk and pray to Him daily. 
Yellow | Jesus is FOREVER - We get to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. 

Cutie Bracelets come in a variety of colors and pack options! Please inquire with Robin at for more color options.